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Corporate Relocation Program

A. Home Origination  Point

  1. Develop a transferee profile of lifestyle and budget

  2. Assist transferee in marketing their original home, or referring to a third party home buying service, or assist the corporation with their home buyout program

  3. Original home sale analysis based on current market conditions, location, recent sales, financing, physical condition of property, general economy

  4. Assist in obtaining home equity loans to facilitate purchase of new home at destination

B. Transportation During Move

  1. Moving and/or storage of transferee's household goods including services of van lines, auditing of freight bills, moving scheduling and timetables, expediting of any insurance claims for loss, damage or theft.

C. Destination: the New Home

  1. Conducting of tour of prospective, preselected list of homes and apartments for sale and rental, selected to fit transferee profile of life style and budget

  2. Destination information kit including schools, medical/dental services, religious and civic organizations

  3. Temporary living arrangements during  tour and after an urgent relocation

  4. Spousal reemployment counseling for dual career families

  5. Childcare assistance

  6. Insurance counseling on new home and transfer of automobiles

D. Management Assistance

  1. Single point of contact for all relocation services

  2. Coordination and management of professionals involved in relocation including local Realtors and Brokers, mortgage bankers, appraisers, insurance brokers and adjusters, and movers etc.

  3. Human Resource consulting for moving entire departments including employee attitude surveys, policy manual development, local law compliance, employee orientation programs, communications materials including printed booklets and video

  4. 24 hour 7 day 800 numbers for employees

  5. Retiree relocation programs

  6. Employee leasing plans for short term staff augmentation 

  7. Evaluation of current formal or informal relocation programs

  8. Assist in Corporate policy development including policy towards reimbursement of brokerage, appraisal, inspection and mortgage fees. Personnel Relocation fee $200 per transferee if a single transfer, or negotiated if a group move. PRC earn brokerage fees for real estate transaction in which it participates.